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Will the 2023–2024 TV season have 13-episode seasons?

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There is a lot of talk about how the 2023–2024 TV season will look. Will each show get around 13 episodes, or will there be less?

The writers strike has hit the 100-day mark. Now eyes are on how the 2023–2024 TV season will look.

The 2008 strike got to 100 days. That saw a lot of TV shows drop from 22 episodes to around 15 or 16 episodes. However, that strike hit when filming had already been underway during the summer. The strike hit as a few shows were going on a small filming hiatus anyway, so the knock-on effect wasn’t as bad as what this strike is looking like.

Filming hasn’t even started for the majority of shows in the 2023–2024 TV season. Some shows like Quantum Leap have a few episodes available, but not full seasons. Filming can’t happen until both the writers and the actors (who are now also on strike) go back to work.

Fall TV schedules have shifted. A lot of networks are opting for acquisitions or going for full unscripted fares. The scripted shows aren’t expected to return until January 2024 at the earliest. This could allow for 13-episode seasons, but is it going to be possible?

When does filming for the 2023–2024 TV season need to happen?

We’re not going to get 22-episode seasons of TV. If filming had started on time, shows would be filming their fourth or fifth episodes by now. So, there is simply no way to get a full season of TV.

What about 16 episodes to match the previous strike? That’s unlikely too. The writers still need to get to work on setting up the stories, and then we need to see the actors get back to work too. If that doesn’t happen at the same time as the writers, we could be in for more delays.

Networks will still want to end their seasons in May. The broadcast networks tried hard to get their schedules back to normal after the pandemic, so we’re not likely to see seasons run into the summer, so 13 episodes is more likely, but is it even possible?

Former Law & Order: SVU boss Warren Leight shared with TVLine that 13 episodes is possible right now, but there is a deadline. Work needs to start around Labor Day Weekend. There isn’t much time for that to happen with negotiations consistently breaking down. Could we end up seeing 10-episode seasons instead? Anything is on the table right now.

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