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Is 4400 canceled or renewed for Season 2?

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The CW made some big announcements last week, canceling a lot of its slate. What about 4400? Is 4400 canceled or renewed for Season 2?

If there’s one thing we’ve become used to over recent years is that if The CW was canceling a show, everyone would get a final-season order. That started with The Vampire Diaries and fans were extremely happy with the way things turned out. Okay, not with the actual show but the fact that storylines could be wrapped up.

We also had the pattern that the network would get a show to syndication levels before canceling once it got to its sophomore year. So, there’s no doubt going into this season that we were hoping for the same.

But The CW surprised us all on Thursday, May 12. A lot of great shows were canceled, and they don’t have time to wrap up their storylines. What about freshman series 4400? Has that been canceled or renewed?

Is 4400 canceled?

There is some disappointing news for those who loved the time-traveling series. 4400 is canceled after just one season. We’re left with all those burning questions released at the end.

When the series first started, we thought this was going to be renewed. The ratings started strong, and then things took a turn. When the series returned from its winter break, it couldn’t get its audience back and storylines started getting a little too over-the-top and convoluted.

The series joins Naomi as another freshman show canceled. The only freshman show of the 2021–2022 season to land a second season is All American: Homecoming.

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What did you think of The CW’s decisions to cancel so many shows? What did you think of 4400? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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