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9-1-1: Lone Star: Owen Strand made a huge mistake not listening to Michelle

Owen made a decision not to listen to Michelle when it came to Billy. It was a huge mistake and sets him up for failure on 9-1-1: Lone Star.

During 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 1, Episode 6, a new captain turned up. The former hopeful captain of the 126 turned up, but it looked like Owen could make a friend out of him. Sadly, Michelle knew that there was something else going on. If only Owen listened to her.

Caution: There are spoilers from the Feb. 17 episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star in this post. You can catch up on Hulu if you missed out.

During the episode, Michelle warned Owen that Billy was tricky. There was always something that Billy wanted, and as an audience, we knew what that was, right? Judd had dropped the clues when saying that it was Judd and Billy who helped set up the 126. Billy’s health prevented him from taking up the job as the captain, but he is fighting fit now.

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The big mistake

Naturally, Owen decided to ignore Michelle’s words of advice, and it was a huge mistake. Out of everyone, Michelle has offered candor. While there are times she’s been clouded by her search for her sister, she’s also wanted to look out for her friends. And Owen has become a friend.

Instead, Owen decided to trust someone he didn’t know. He decided to tell one more person about his cancer diagnosis, someone who he should have known he couldn’t trust. This is a man who hasn’t even told his whole team that he has cancer. Why would he trust a captain he’d only just met?

It’s not all that surprising that Billy betrayed that trust. There were already so many clues that this was going to happen. And now, it looks like Owen has set himself up for failure.

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Will Owen fail?

To prove that he is still good to work in the field, he decided to offer to do the new recruit assessment in full gear. It’s something that Owen’s boss says nobody has done. Even 25-year-olds can’t do it.

That immediately sets him up for failure. Even if he was at his fittest, it would be difficult to complete the challenge. There’s been no sign that he’s even been able to complete the assessment in full gear.

We’ve already had a storyline of someone who had failed tests and was nervous about his last chance pass that test. Mateo passed his firefighter exam during the episode. Would it be bad writing for something similar to happen again?

While TV needs to be inspirational and we want to keep our lead character in a job, it would make more sense for him to fail the first time around. End up with the 126 getting a new captain temporarily until the team finds a way to get their own captain back.

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And it all came to Owen deciding not to trust Michelle. Maybe it’s time for him to rethink his own gut instincts. They’re not always right!

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