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Is 911 canceled or renewed for Season 6?

Some of FOX’s decisions came down to the wire. The decision about 911‘s future was one of them. Is 911 canceled or renewed for Season 6?

Every now and then, we have to wait until the last minute to find out if our favorite shows are canceled or renewed. It’s not normally the case for 911, which is one of the strongest shows on FOX. In fact, if it was just up to the network, this series would have been renewed early.

The issue came with the production studio. New deals had to be negotiated, and it wasn’t clear whether the studio would keep the series going. It all came down to the wire, but what decision did everyone eventually make?

Is 911 canceled or renewed?

FOX made the excellent decision to renew the series. We will get a sixth season, which meant going into Monday’s finale without worrying too much.

It looks like there were concerns about the future of the series based on the way things ended with the finale. There wasn’t a cliffhanger. A lot of storylines had been wrapped up enough in case the season finale became a series finale. However, we’re definitely happy to see more.

We’re fully expecting the series to remain in the fall on Monday nights. It’s a great way to start the season. Despite it being Upfronts for FOX on Monday, the fall schedule wasn’t announced. This was purely due to the last-minute negotiations for the series. So, hopefully, we’ll get a full schedule very soon.

The great news is 911 Lone Star is also renewed. This could be pushed to the midseason again to work similar to this TV season. Having a strong start to the week throughout the year worked in FOX’s best interests.

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What did you think of the 911 Season 5 finale? What do you hope to see in Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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