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Is 911 Lone Star canceled or renewed for Season 4?

911 Lone Star was one of the shows FOX made a last-minute decision on. Is 911 Lone Star canceled or renewed for Season 4?

When we looked at the live ratings, we couldn’t understand why FOX hasn’t renewed 911 Lone Star early. The series continues to be a popular one for the network, so it seemed crazy that it was considering canceling the series.

Well, it wasn’t the network. This was due to negotiations with the production studio. If FOX had its own way, it would have renewed the series. Now a decision has been made, but is it a good one?

Is 911 Lone Star canceled?

FOX made the best decision ever. 911 Lone Star Season 4 is officially a go. We’ll be able to pick up off some of the great news that came during the previous episode. Owen doesn’t have cancer and TK and Carlos are engaged.

We’re hoping for some more focus on a few of the other characters in the new season. It’s time to give those that aren’t Owen and TK some more development. This is something we’ve asked for from the start, but that’s not happened yet.

When will 911 Lone Star Season 4 premiere? Due to all the last-minute decisions and negotiations, we don’t have the fall schedule just yet. It is possible that the show will be held for the midseason again. This means that FOX has a strong show to run from the start of the week throughout the TV season, with the two 911 shows reunited in the spring.

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What did you think of the 911 Lone Star Season 3 finale? What do you hope to see in Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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