Will A Million Little Things Season 5 be the last?

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We want our favorite shows to end on their own terms. Could A Million Little Things Season 5 be the end of the ABC series?

Broadcast shows are risky. A lot of them are unceremoniously cancelled, leaving fans with question for their favorite characters. Every now and then, a network will give a show a chance to end on its own terms, but the live ratings play a huge part in whether this can happen or not.

A Million Little Things Season 4 was on the bubble. It took way too long for us to learn that the series would be renewed, and it looks like DJ Nash has been able to secure the season to be a final one.

A Million Little Things Season 5 is likely the end

TVLine reports that the fifth season is likely to be the last. It looks like DJ Nash is writing it as a conclusion, so we should see no cliffhangers at the end.

This series certainly deserves an ending. It’s focused on a lot of major topics in adulthood. Everything started with a group of friends coming together after one of their group killed himself. From there, the series has touched on marital problems, medical issues, and just general life—living through grief.

We’re excited to see the story get a conclusion. This doesn’t mean all the characters get a happy ending, but it should mean that we won’t be left with questions.

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Do you think A Million Little Things Season 5 should be the last? How do you want it to end for all the characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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