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Is A-Train dead in The Boys Season 3?

Herogasm brought us the raunchiest hour of TV ever. It also brought us a lot of questions about A-Train in The Boys.

Caution: There are spoilers from The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 in this post.

Up to this point in The Boys*, we knew there was a risk to A-Train if he used his speed again. His heart couldn’t take anymore, and so he’d decided to not use his abilities at all. That was until he needed to get revenge.

With his brother no longer able to walk, A-Train wanted to see Blue Hawk charged for a crime. Ashley refused to let that happen. It’s funny how A-Train only cares about justice when it’s affected him personally. He didn’t care when it came to any of the others.

So, when Ashley refused to help bring justice, A-Train took matters into his own hands. He found out Blue Hawk was at “Herogasm,” and off he went.

Did A-Train survive Herogasm in The Boys?

When Blue Hawk made it clear he wasn’t all that sorry, A-Train decided to use his speed to kill Blue Hawk. That death has been confirmed. We saw Blue Hawk placed into a body bag.

However, we didn’t get any confirmation about A-Train. After taking Blue Hawk out, A-Train’s heart gave in. A-Train collapsed in the middle of the road, and it looked like he died. Without his body put into a bag or anything mentioned about him, it’s hard to say that he’s definitely dead, though. A death has to happen on screen for us to really accept it’s happened. Do we really think that Stormfront is dead, after all?

It’s likely that Vought managed to get to A-Train in time to rush him to the hospital. This could lead to us finding out he’s alive but that he’s going to be kicked out of The Seven. It’s not like he is any good when he no longer has the ability to use his power.

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Do you think A-Train is still alive? What do you think Vought is going to do for the Supe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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