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What happened to A-Train in The Boys?

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It looked like A-Train had suffered a heart attack and died in The Boys. Was that really the case in the new episode?

We had a lot of questions about A-Train after the previous episode of The Boys. A-Train used his speed to kill Blue Hawk, but that was something his heart couldn’t take anymore. He suffered a heart attack, and it looked like he was dead by the end of that episode. Of course, we didn’t get confirmation of this, and we know not to believe a character is dead without seeing the actual death and confirmation on screen.

We were right not to believe it. In The Boys Season 3, Episode 7, we found out that Vought did get to A-Train’s body. What happened to the Super with superspeed?

A-Train can run again in The Boys

Ashley explained everything that happened. She wasn’t happy that A-Train had killed Blue Hawk, but it was useful for A-Train in the end. Blue Hawk was a match for a new heart, and so, A-Train was given Blue Hawk’s heart.

It’s not something A-Train likes to hear. Why would he want the heart of the man who paralyzed his brother? He’s not really going to dwell on that too much though. After all, he’s now able to run again. He can be a proactive remember of The Seven once more.

He wants his brother to train him again, though. Now we’ll have to see if his brother is going to be willing to do that, though.

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What did you think about the twist to save A-Train? What do you think his brother will say when he finds out the truth? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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