The Rookie, The Goldbergs, and more renewed at ABC

While there have been some disappointing cancellations, ABC has also announced some exciting renewals, including The Rookie and much more.

ABC started off by trickling out the renewal news with shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 getting renewed. However, it’s that time of the year when networks need to make decisions about everything on their current slate, and that’s led to the bulk of renewals on May 14.

Six shows landed renewals. Some of them were expected, while others just allow us to breathe easy for another season. Whether they will be the last seasons of shows is something we won’t know for a while. Let’s take a look at each of the shows renewed.

The Rookie renewed for Season 4

There’s good news for fans of the cop dramedy The Rookie. John Nolan has a little more time to become a full police officer. We’ll also get more time to see what Jackson and Lucy will do now they’re no longer rookies.

The Sunday night drama has been renewed for a fourth season. We’ll likely see it remain on Sunday nights because the live ratings have remained steady on this night. And that’s with the on-off schedule throughout this season.

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A Million Little Things renewed for Season 4

A show that we were on the fence about was A Million Little Things, and here it is. We got a fourth season of the friendship drama. This is certainly a good thing as we get to then end of a difficult season when it comes to relationships, businesses, and lives.

This is a drama that sits heavily on the bubble. If you want more of the stories, you’ll need to tune in each week as much as you can for it during the new season. It’s hard to tell where it will sit in the lineup. It’s been on both Wednesday and Thursday nights and struggled somewhat. Thursdays would be better, but ABC may want to trial that post-Grey’s Anatomy spot for another new drama to give it a chance.

black-ish renewed for Season 8

We expected black-ish to be renewed, but the renewal came with a little bit of disappointing news. It will be the final season of the comedy. The benefit of getting a final season order is that the writers have time to wrap up all the storylines and bring us a season to really remember.

There is some extra bad news with this show. Its spin-off mixed-ish has been canceled after two seasons. We’re not sure what’s going on with the spin-off old-ish just yet, but we’re hopeful.

The Conners renewed for Season 4

This was another comedy that we expected to be renewed. It remains strong in the ratings, and there is clearly more fun to have with this family. All that the show had to wait on was contract renewals with the cast.

As long as the live ratings remain strong, we expect to see more of this show on ABC. However, the live ratings will need to balance with the cast requests when it comes to new contract renewals. This show won’t work with too many of the main cast walking away.

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The Goldbergs renewed for Season 9

If you love the story of Adam F. Goldberg growing up in the Regan years, you’ll be happy to hear about the next show renewed by ABC. The Goldbergs is coming back for a ninth season.

As shows start to get on, the renewals become more questionable. It’s not that the networks want to cancel them but that the stars will decide they’re finished with the show. If that happens, it can lead to the networks choosing to bring shows to an end fearing that the viewers won’t remain for a change of cast.

Home Economics renewed for Season 2

ABC has struggled with some of its newer shows, especially this year. Rebel and Call Your Mother have both been canceled. However, Home Economics has landed a renewal.

The family comedy focuses on three siblings who all have very different lives. We see the lives of the three different social classes from each of the siblings, and how each of the siblings navigates life but also how they each come together as a family. The renewal wasn’t surprising considering the strong performance among the new shows.


Which ABC shows are you most excited about being renewed? Which shows are you tuning into next season? Let us know in the comments below.