ABC January 2021 premiere dates: The Rookie, mixed-ish, and more

ABC has set its premiere dates for the New Year, with The Rookie among the returns. Here are the ABC January 2021 premiere dates.

The Rookie and mixed-ish have season premiere dates at long last. Here’s a look at the ABC January 2021 premiere dates.

There are going to be a few changes to the schedule. With TGIT having to take a longer break during the winter months, some unscripted shows will take the timeslots. However, ABC has said when Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, and A Million Little Things will return in 2021.

The biggest talking point is going to be Tuesdays getting some comedy back. black-ish is moving back to Tuesday nights. Wednesdays just don’t feel right, do they? This will pair it back with mixed-ish, when the sophormore series premieres.

What’s taking black-ish‘s spot on Wednesday? A new series called Call Your Mother will get the lead-in from The Conners.

The Rookie Season 3 will premiere in January, and will be one of the first ABC January 2021 premiere dates. Fans around the world will cheer, especially with it keeping its Sunday night timeslot, which proved to be a success for it during Season 2.

ABC January 2021 premiere dates: Scripted and unscripted

Here’s a look at all the premieres dates for unscripted and scripted shows in January 2021. Scroll further down for TGIT news.

Sunday, Jan. 3
10 pm The Rookie (Season 3 premiere)

Monday, Jan. 4
8/7c The Bachelor (Season 25 premiere)

Thursday, Jan. 7
8 pm Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (series premiere)
9 pm The Chase (series premiere)
10 pm The Hustler (series premiere)

Monday, Jan. 11
10 pm The Good Doctor (Midseason premiere)

Wednesday, Jan. 13
8 pm The Goldbergs (Midseason premiere)
8:30 pm American Housewife (Midseason premiere)
9 pm The Conners (Midseason premiere)
9:30 pm Call Your Mother (Series premiere)

Wednesday, Jan. 20
10 pm For Life (Midseason premiere)

Tuesday, Jan. 26
8 pm To Tell the Truth (Season 6 premiere)
9 pm black-ish (New time slot)
9:30 pm mixed-ish (Season 2 premiere)
10 pm Big Sky (Midseason premiere)

Sunday, Feb. 14
8 pm American Idol (Season 19 premiere)

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Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, and A Million Little Things

The three TGIT shows won’t be back until March once they go on their winter breaks. There are still more episodes of all three shows to come.

All three shows are taking a break for a week on Thursday, Nov. 26 for Thanksgiving. That’s standard. They will be back the following week and run until their midseason finales on Thursday, Dec. 17.

The shows need more time to film due to COVID-19 protocols. They won’t be back until March to allow that time and not put too much pressure on them.

So far, ABC hasn’t said if the shows will be shorter than normal, but that’s likely. NCIS, all the CW superhero shows, and much more are reducing their episode counts to get things back to normal (ish) for the 2021-2022 season. Expect the same for the TGIT shows.

Thursday, Mar. 4
8 pm Station 19 (Midseason premiere)
9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (Midseason premiere)
10 pm A Million Little Things (Midseason premiere)

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