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ABC May 2023 finale dates: Grey’s Anatomy, The Rookie, and more

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ABC is the second network to set finale dates for May 2023. When will Grey’s Anatomy, The Rookie, and more come to an end for another season?

As we get closer to May, we know we have to get ready for the finales of our favorite shows. In some cases, they’re season finales, but in other cases, they will be series finales. ABC is the second network to set finale dates, and a couple of shows are going to get two-episode finales just like CBS.

ABC finale dates in May 2023

Alaska Daily is the first of the shows to get a finale, which could end up being the series finale. The final episode airs tomorrow, Thursday, March 30. This series didn’t get extended largely due to Hilary Swank’s pregnancy. However, it also works being a shorter season to make the main storyline about Gloria contained.

Not Dead Yet, the new comedy on the network, will get a one-hour finale. Likewise, Grey’s Anatomy* will get a two-hour finale. The latter has just been renewed for Season 20.

A Million Little Things is getting a series finale. We know this and the season has been written as the final season. Here are all the dates you need:

Thursday, March 30
10 p.m.: Alaska Daily Season 1 finale

Wednesday, April 19
9 p.m.: Abbott Elementary Season 2 finale

Tuesday, May 2
8 p.m.: The Rookie Season 5 finale
9 p.m.: The Rookie: Feds Season 1 finale
10 p.m.: Will Trent Season 1 finale

WednesdayMay 3
8 p.m.: The Conners Season 5 finale
8:30 p.m.: The Goldbergs series finale
9 p.m.: Not Dead Yet Season 1 finale (one hour)
10 p.m.: A Million Little Things series finale

Sunday, May 7
10 p.m.: The Company You Keep Season 1 finale

Monday, May 8
10 p.m.: The Good Doctor Season 6 finale

Thursday, May 18
8 p.m.: Station 19 Season 6 finale
9 p.m.: Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 finale (two hours)

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