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Absentia ending with Season 3: Show ends on its own terms

Absentia is coming to an end after three seasons. There is not going to be a fourth season, but this isn’t an Amazon decision.

We do start this with a little bit of bad news. Absentia is coming to an end after three excellent seasons. However, before you start screaming at Amazon for the decision, there is something to celebrate.

You see, this is a show that didn’t get canceled. It’s coming to an end. Stana Katic took to Twitter to share the news about the show coming to an end, indicating that it was always supposed to be a three-season story. The ending that we got was the ending the show envisioned.

Rather than pushing for a fourth season, everyone decided it was time to bring the show to an end where intended. Everyone involved had spoken about where to take it for Season 4, but nobody could agree on what the journey would look like for Emily Byrne. She’d need a very good reason to end up off the path she was on at the very end. So, with that, the decision was final. Season 3 was definitely the end.

It’s okay to be sad that Absentia is ending

You’ll hear people tell you not to be sad that the show is coming to an end. However, the news that there will be no new episodes of your favorite show is disappointing. It doesn’t really matter why the series has ended. It’s natural to feel disappointed about that.

While you are sad, there is the ability to be happy at the same time. Yes, it is disappointing that the series has come to an end, but the story is complete. We’ve not been left on some major cliffhanger.

In a way, Emily’s story was bittersweet. After all that time of getting back to her family, she had to leave them to keep them safe. However, we should celebrate that Amazon let Absentia tell the story it wanted and everyone involved in the show knew how to bring it to an end in a way that leaves us craving more.

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What did you think of Absentia Season 3? What would you have liked to see if Season 4 happened? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Absentia is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video ($).