When will Absentia Season 3 head to Amazon Prime Video Canada?

Absentia Season 3 is currently streaming on some Amazon Prime Video locations, but not Canada. When will it head to the streamer?

Absentia Season 3 is an excellent season, but only a handful of viewers have had the chance to watch it so far. It’s come to Amazon Prime Video in select locations, but Canada isn’t one of them. It needs to air on Showcase in Canada first.

The question for many is when it will come to Amazon Prime Video Canada?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. Even looking at the previous release doesn’t help. But we can try to work a few things out.

Absentia Season 2’s release was delayed

Absentia Season 2 was supposed to come to Amazon Prime Video Canada in January 2020. That didn’t happen. There was no explanation for it and we never got an updated announcement. The season was quietly added at sometime around March or April 2020. You can watch the first two seasons in full now.

If it was January, that would have been six months after the release on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., UK, and a select other locations. With the July release for Absentia Season 2, we could look at February 2021 for the third season to head to Prime Video Canada.

But the release wasn’t January. It was more like eight or nine months after the U.S. viewers got it. With that in mind, we’re looking at April or May 2021.

And that’s going to depend on the Showcase listings.

Absentia – Season 1

What is Absentia Season 3 about?

It’s going to be worth the wait. That’s something I can promise you.

Absentia Season 3 picks up about 18 months after the second season. Emily is days away from her FBI suspension from ending, but she has to decide whether she wants to head back to the job or if she wants to remain home. She doesn’t get much of a choice when a European criminal organization takes Nick and she’s forced back into the work of the FBI. Will she be doing it with Gunnarson’s blessing?

Along the way, Emily needs to figure out who she can trust. There’s a mole in the FBI and it could be someone close to her.

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What do you hope to see on Absentia Season 3? What are you excited about coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Absentia Season 3 should be on Amazon Prime Video Canada sometime in 2021.