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Why won’t the actors strike affect House of the Dragon Season 2?

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A lot of shows are now on hold with strike action. The actors strike won’t affect House of the Dragon Season 2 production, and here’s why.

House of the Dragon Season 2 continued filming as soon as the writers strike happened. The scripts were written, and nobody really wanted to fall behind. However, as SAG-AFTRA members went on strike on Thursday, July 13, there were questions about whether that would halt production or not.

It won’t. House of the Dragon will get to keep filming. In fact, the actors have been told that they’re not allowed to strike in solidarity for their counterparts working on other productions.

Why isn’t House of the Dragon Season 2 affected by the strike?

This is like a few shows that film internationally. The series itself isn’t a SAG show. Instead, the British union Equity is in charge.

So, while the actors are part of SAG-AFTRA, they are allowed to still work on their non-SAG productions. That includes this Game of Thrones prequel. The show doesn’t want anyone striking, and it’s going to be against their contracts if any of them do.

Equity isn’t allowed to encourage members to strike or not cross picket lines. Actors who choose to strike in solidarity with others could end up losing their jobs. It would be interesting to see what happens if the main cast members chose to do this, but they may not want to put things to the test.

The actors aren’t allowed to promote any of their other projects that may be connected to the SAG strike, though. Some of them may have had other work in post-production or close to releasing while filming the fantasy series.

House of the Dragon isn’t alone. If Outlander Season 8 hadn’t been affected by the writers strike, it would have been able to go on with filming. However, we’ll likely see Caitriona Balfe and others who are part of SAG not promote the series to stand in solidarity with their fellow SAG members.

A lot of other shows are now in limbo due to strike actions. The Last of Us can’t start filming without scripts, and The Lord of the Rings may have trouble in post-production as ADR and some reshoots won’t be able to happen. It all depends on the unions the cast members are a part of.

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