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Does Aethelflaed die in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Queen Aethelflaed of Mercia turned up in The Last Kingdom Season 5 to learn some bad news. Would she make it to the end of the series?

It’s very hard not to feel sorry for Uhtred and Aethelflaed. Just as they got the chance to be together, Aethelflaed had to promise chastity to keep Merica safe. The two would never get to be together again, but it would be more than just a throne that would keep them apart.

Aethelflaed came to Rumcofa in The Last Kingdom Season 5 premiere. It was a surprise to Uhtred, especially when Eadith also showed up. It turned out that Aethelflaed had requested Eadith come from Frankia to treat a medical problem, one that Aethelflaed wouldn’t be able to trust anyone with in Mercia.

Aethelflaed can’t be saved in The Last Kingdom Season 5

Eadith shares the news Aethelflaed, Aldhelm, and Aelswith feared. Aethelflaed’s ailment can’t be cured. It looks like it was supposed to be breast cancer, and it had become so bad that the lump would not be possible to remove. The cancer would have already spread to other parts of her body.

Aethelflaed didn’t want anyone to know. The Kingdom of Mercia would be in a state of uncertainty, and she didn’t want Uhtred to worry about her. However, Eadith knew that Uhtred would have to know the truth and sent the message via Finan.

Uhtred was able to get back to Mercia to be with Aethelflaed in her dying moments. They even shared their last kiss and just held each other as she died. It was a bittersweet moment, and it would lead to trouble for many people. Aethelflaed remains in spirit, especially through her daughter Aelfwynn.

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