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What to expect on All American after THAT shocking death

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The Feb. 13 episode of All American brought us a shocking death. What can we expect for the characters in the next episodes?

Caution: There are major spoilers from the Feb. 13 episode of All American.

What a heartbreaking episode of All American Season 5. We said goodbye to arguably one of the best characters on the show, and it brings us a lack of closure for a lot of characters. That’s important as the series moves forward.

Wait, who was the death? Yes, Taye Diggs’s character, Billy Baker, died in the aftermath of that bus crash during Episode 11. Now it’s time to see how things will work moving forward, and TVLine has the spoilers.

Each character gets a storyline in All American

Billy was connected to everyone in the series in some way. He’s Laura’s husband, Olivia and Jordan’s father, Spencer’s father figure, and just a guiding light for many others. How is his death going to affect everyone? That’s what we’ll get to see in the coming episodes.

Episode 12 is going to focus on Laura. That’s not surprising since she is BIlly’s wife. She will have to organize the funeral and deal with all those sending their condolences. It’s a lot of work to do, so it makes sense that she will get the first A-line storyline for her grief.

Episode 13 will then focus on Olivia and Episode 14 will have something for Jordan. Jordan’s storyline is going to be much harder than the others as he was there at the time of the crash. He’ll have witnessed it all. Fortunately, he had Grace by his side when he needed her.

Episode 15 is all about Spencer, who was listening to the voicemail from Billy just as he learned about what happened. He and Billy had fallen out during the recent episodes because of Billy’s choice to become Spencer’s coach. Billy had called to say that Spencer was right and that he shouldn’t have left Crenshaw. There was so much left unsaid, and that’s going to play on Spencer’s mind.

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What did you think of Billy’s exit? What do you hope to see for the individual characters in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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