All Rise canceled or renewed: Will CBS renew the freshman drama?

CBS will need to make official decisions about its freshman comedies and dramas. Today, we’re looking at the only drama to be renewed or canceled, All Rise.

Our eyes are currently on the futures of our favorite TV shows. Networks still need to decide whether their shows are canceled or renewed. Today, we’re looking at All Rise on CBS. The courtroom drama is one of five freshman fall shows still to be renewed, and is the only drama on that list. Will we see All Rise canceled or renewed for Season 2?

Low live TV ratings

It is hard to say which way CBS will definitely go. After all, the live TV ratings aren’t the only things considered when it comes to these big decisions. Networks will look at streaming, DVR, and even some social media elements. That being said, the live TV ratings are important for CBS, a network that hasn’t cut down ad time and continually relies on its advertisers. If the people aren’t watching the series then the advertisers aren’t going to pay too much for the space.

All Rise currently sits in 20th out of 24 shows, which is dangerously low for a Monday night series. Even all the Friday shows perform better. It sits in 17th place when you consider the total audience, which is stronger but still questionable for a Monday night freshman series.

We’ve got to factor in that CBS doesn’t distribute the series. It’s not the main creator. The network will need to pay Warner Bros. for distribution and Sony for the creation. This means better live ratings are preferred.

Despite this, there’s some good news.

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Shows below it have been renewed

One of the biggest positive factors to take from the list is that Evil was renewed. This Thursday night freshman series has consistently lower ratings than All Rise. It was never given a full-season order, but that’s because the show was always designed to have 13 episodes to the season.

More good news is that the ratings for the series are still relatively stable. The show started with a demo of 0.69 and dropped most recently to 0.58. The audience has gone from 6.030 million to around 5.3 million. A drop is expected and this isn’t a huge drop throughout the season. In fact, the metrics are around the point they were when All Rise got a full-season order, suggesting CBS is happy with this.

What we don’t know is how the ratings are doing based on CBS All Access or through DVR. It’s possible that the show sees a higher jump. Since viewers will still see advertisements in many cases, CBS will be happy.

So, I remain on the fence about this freshman drama. Everything tells me that it will be canceled purely on the live ratings. However, All Rise has been consistent and that certainly counts for something.

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What do you love about All Rise? Is this a show you need to see renewed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

All Rise airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.