Why Amazon needs to renew Upload for a second season

There is absolutely no doubt that Amazon needs to renew Upload for a second season. Here’s what makes it 100% necessary.

With so many TV shows out there, it’s hard to watch everything. However, one show that you should have binge-watched by now is Upload. And you’ll agree that it needs a second season.

For those who haven’t watched it yet, we will get into spoilers for the Upload Season 1 finale. Go to Amazon Prime Video right now and binge-watch all 10 episodes. We’ll wait!

Okay, either you’ve binge-watched or you’re happy with spoilers. Those who have binge-watched, you know what we’re going to say first.


How could the show end the first season like that? We have no resolution to the murder mystery. We don’t know where Nora is going or why Bryant is just happy going with her after the things she said when they pretty much broke up. More importantly, Ingrid uploaded? Seriously? Our reaction was just like Nathan’s, although we’re not frozen until the start of the next month.

Can we get some answers, please?

Upload Season 1 just wasn’t long enough. The episodes were really easy to binge and it was a great comedy series, but there wasn’t enough of it. Even my wife agrees, and she doesn’t say that a lot. She’s often happy to wait around for another season because there’s so much content out there. I know it must have been good if she’s highly anticipating more episodes. A great series will always leave you wanting more.

We were just starting to get some answers to the murder mystery when the show came to an end. Pieces of the puzzle were just getting put together. Nathan got his memories back just as he chose to head to 2gb status. That was terrible timing as we knew it would mean we’d have to wait for more answers, especially when he used all his data on the first day making some phone calls.

The best graphics for a realistic future

We’ve seen TV shows and movies create what they think the future will look like. Upload is adventurous with the digital afterlife, but it’s mostly realistic. The self-driving cars and hand-phones are definitely something that we could possibly expect in a few decades. And that’s what made this show so relatable. It was easy to see how technology could become this.

But it wasn’t about the tech. Not really. Sure, the digital afterlife was a huge part of the story, but that was the setting. It could have been some medieval fantasy world. It didn’t become the story but gave us the setting for it. We got a character-driven tale where the tech was simply a component to help tell the story instead of becoming part of it. The balance between tech and reality was just right.

And so, we need more. I have so many questions that I need answers to. I’ll be so disappointed if we never get them! Amazon, you’d better renew Upload for a second season.

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What do you think of Upload? Would you like a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Upload is streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free as part of your Prime membership.