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Could Amazon save The Winchesters?

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The Winchesters has been canceled after one season, but everyone is fighting to save it. Could Amazon pick up the Supernatural prequel?

All eyes are on The Winchesters right now. As soon as the cancellation news came through, the show and fans rallied together to save the show. Now we’re looking at the networks that could save the show, and Amazon’s streamer has hit the list.

Prime Video is one of the more popular platforms. After all, those who have Amazon Prime for free shipping get access to Prime Video automatically. There are chances that you have it. Will Amazon see value in the Supernatural prequel?

Could Amazon save The Winchesters?

The good news is Jensen Ackles is behind the fight to save the series. Considering he was behind the idea for it, that’s not surprising. He wants to keep the show going.

He has an overall first-look TV deal with Amazon. That would suggest that he’d need to go to Amazon first to save the show. It’s not clear how this would work for the deal considering the series was already initially picked up by The CW.

This series doesn’t quite fit Prime Video’s current content. That doesn’t mean it can’t be picked up, though. Outer Range didn’t initially seem to fit, but that was a huge success for the platform. Amazon has also tried to get into the YA space, and the Supernatural prequel could be a perfect way to do that.

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The Winchesters* is currently streaming on HBO Max in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.