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Will Amazon save Walker Independence?

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Walker Independence has been canceled after just one great season. Could Amazon step in to save the show from ending?

All eyes are on the 2023–2024 TV season right now. Networks are making big, final decisions for shows. That included Walker Independence being canceled after just one season. In a way, the decision wasn’t surprising considering the warning Nexstar gave us, but it is still disappointing.

Well, the show is not dead just yet. Jared Padalecki and co. are fighting to save the series. This means we’re looking at the streaming platforms that could save the show. Is Amazon one of them?

Could Amazon save Walker Independence?

There is a potential home at Amazon. Prime Video already has Outer Range, which is a Western series. That means there is an interest in shows like this. However, Walker Independence would need a bigger budget to work for a streamer like Prime Video.

This is more of a YA series, too. This could be great for Amazon, which has been trying to break into the YA genre for some time now. Why not work with a show that already has an established audience and make it better?

Some of this will depend on licensing fees, though. It is worth noting that CBS Studios is one of the studios that produces the show. That could mean Paramount+ decides it’s best to save the show, especially with Yellowstone coming to an end and the spin-offs have already proven to find an audience. There is an interest in Western dramas.

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Walker Independence* is now available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Slack TV in Canada.