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American Gods went above & beyond in attention to detail with their most recent episode

American Gods is back with their second season on Amazon Prime Video and they have come back with a bang. Especially with there attention detail which was above and beyond in “The Beguiling Man.”

Waiting for the second season of American Gods has been excruciating. It felt like an age had gone by. But, now that it is here, I am so happy we waited so long. Because everyone and I mean everyone, involved in the Prime Original has done an astounding job. And it couldn’t have been more clear in the most recent episode of the series, “The Beguiling Man.”

During the episode, we got flashbacks to Shadow Moon’s childhood. Seeing him move with his mom to New York City, how it was difficult for him to settle in, and the trauma of losing his mom at such a young age to cancer. There was a lot more going on during the episode but want I to touch on how American Gods dealt with the flashback scenes because they really showed how the Prime Original is paying close attention to detail and making sure they get everything right.

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During the first flashback scene, we see a young Shadow Moon with his mom aboard a ferry. As the two are talking we see the New York skyline in the background and amongst the skyline was the Twin Towers. It was a surprise to see them in the background but once I got over the initial surprise I suddenly realized how great this was. Because the events we saw playing out in Shadow Moon’s flashback would have happened prior to the September 11 attacks.


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Which means the American Gods crew really thought long and hard when creating “The Beguiling Man.” Inconsistencies are one of the things fans always pick up on. And if American Gods hadn’t included the Twin Towers it would have been an inconsistency. However, it very unlikely anyone would have picked up the inconsistency because it is the Twin Towers.

By American Gods including them in their scene it really shows they want to give everything write, to the very last detail, for you.

Did you notice the Twin Towers in the background when watching “The Beguiling Man?” What did you think of American Gods including them in the scene? Shout out your thoughts just below.

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