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American Gods Season 3 will premiere in January 2021

American Gods Season 3 officially has a premiere date. Look out for the series in the new year, and Neil Gaiman has good things to say.

American Gods is one of those shows that I think you either love or hate. I don’t think there is a middle ground. Those that love it are definitely excited about American Gods Season 3, which now has a premiere date.

Shadow Moon is getting a fresh start in the new season. That fresh start will be at the same time as every one else’s, in the new year. STARZ has set the official American Gods Season 3 premiere date for Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021. It will air at 8/7c, which is standard for STARZ shows despite the content.

Those who watch it on Amazon Prime Video internationally will need to wait an extra day. Episodes drop starting Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

What is the storyline for American Gods Season 3?

The important thing is the storyline. Neil Gaiman is happy with it, saying that it will get back on track.

It’s not too surprising that fans were disappointed with the second season. The change of showrunner and New Media meant a few changes that people didn’t really like. It didn’t feel like the content stayed true to the story.

Season 3 has had another change of showrunner, which has certainly come with its complications and controversies. Mr. Nancy will not be part of the show, with Orlando Jones saying that Charles “Chic” Eglee thinks Mr. Nancy sends the wrong message to “Black America.” However, Mr. Nancy doesn’t show up in the part of the book that the season is focused on.

That part of the book? It’s the Lakeside, Wisc. storyline. This is when Shadow takes on the alias of Mike Ainsell and tries to blend in. There was a lot to take in during the second season, including the fact that Mr. Wednesday is his father. Shadow is the son of Odin.

American Gods: A Novel ($)

Important for current day social events

Gaiman says that the third season of American Gods will touch on current-day social and civil rights events. That was always going to be the case. After all, it’s in the story!

Shadow will try to forge his own destiny, and he does that by following his Black ancestors, the Orishas. There is going to be a lot more focus on the dark past of American history, something that the show has already touched on in the first season.

This season will go into more detail, as it looks at what America means to people. There are elements about immigration and slavery. Of course, there are also the gods of the modern day, including social media and mobile technology.

While in the town, Shadow will come across a dark secret about it. Will his real identity be revealed?

As much as I was disappointed by Season 2, I’m still around for Season 3. I’m here for Ricky Whittle. It’s that simple.

Take a look at the teaser for American Gods Season 3:

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What are you excited to see on American Gods Season 3? What do you hope is included from the book? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

American Gods Season 3 premieres on Jan. 10 at 8/7c on STARZ.