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American Horror Story Season 10 premiere: Will Doris take one of the pills?

American Horror Story Season 10 got off to a spectacular start. With two Gardener family members on the pills, will Doris follow suit?

Caution: There are spoilers in this post from the two-part American Horror Story Season 10.

American Horror Story is back, and it felt more like the original seasons more than ever. It all started with questions about the creatures in the town and ended up leading to questions about the Gardener family as a whole.

Harry quickly gave into the pills, which Austin Summers called “Muse.” These pills turn people into vampire-like creatures. Those with talent are able to unlock that talent in full. Those without talent turn into the animal-feasting creatures around town.

By the end of the two-part premiere, Alma became the next member of the Gardener family to take a pill. She stole one of her dad’s with the intention to become better at the violin. While that’s certainly likely become possible, her mom saw her feeding on an animal the next morning.

It won’t be long before Doris figures out the truth. As someone who wants to become an interior designer, she’s likely to go to extremes to make it possible. Is there a chance she’ll end up taking the pills?

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Will Doris turn into one of the creatures on American Horror Story Season 10?

There’s a reason the horrors of the pills were brought up. It has to be foreshadowing. Not everyone in the Gardener family has talent, and it’s likely Doris the one who doesn’t have it.

She thinks she’s good at interior design, but Harry pointed out flaws. He pointed out that she quit on the previous client, and she’s not even really got a start on the most recent project. While she had her reasons for quitting, it was clear when showing ideas to Alma that she doesn’t have that much of an eye for decor.

Chances are she’ll take the pills. She’ll see what they’ve turned her husband and daughter into. She’ll accept the need for blood when it comes to the talent that is possible.

However, that’s where her lack of talent will be realized. She won’t become a talented designer. Instead, she’ll become one of the creatures that haunt P-Town.

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What do you think will happen on American Horror Story Season 10? What is Doris going to do next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

American Horror Story Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.