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American Horror Story Season 9 title revealed, but what does it mean?

American Horror Story Season 9 finally has a title and we’re looking at what it could possibly mean for the upcoming season.

We no longer need to call American Horror Story Season 9, American Horror Story Season 9. Thanks to co-creator Ryan Murphy, we can now officially call it Amercian Horror Story ‘1984,’ or AHS ‘1984.’

Every season of the anthology horror season has meant something. Season 1 was called ‘Murder House, and, surprise surprise, multiple murders occurred in the house where the season was set in. ‘Coven’ was all about a witches coven and last seasons, ‘Apocalypse’ was all about the apocalypse.

So, what does ‘1984’ mean?

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According to Deadline, the latest season is a throwback to the ’80s slasher movies. The clip Murphy shared above certainly backs this up. As it showcases a teenage girl running away from a dark-Jason like character brandishing a knife. 1984 is also when the famous Friday the 13th was declared as the final chapter.

The ’80s was also a time where classic horror movies where being released. Such as Nightmare on Elm Street.

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However, there is another possibility not being considered just yet and that is George Orwell’s classic dystopian future, 1984. Set in a time where most of the world have become victims of government surveillance and propaganda as well as perpetual war.

Could we also be getting something along those lines in Amercian Horror Story Season 9? A blend of some sorts? There is certainly no indication this will be the case so I can’t say for certain. It seems like too good an opportunity to pass up on though.

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As we get closer and closer to the release date we will no doubt learn more about the upcoming season and what ‘1984’ truly means.

What do you think the title of the new season means? Share your working theory by dropping a comment just below.