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Will Amir Arison be in The Blacklist Season 10?

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There are some cast changes coming for The Blacklist Season 10. Will Amir Arison return? What’s happening with Aram?

When it comes to a season finale, we usually find out a cast member or two is leaving. That’s especially the case when there are still OG members and we’re getting into double digits. The Blacklist is entering double digits next season, and there are cast changes coming.

Deadline reports that two cast members are leaving the show. One of them is an OG member, and he is certainly going to be missed.

Amir Arison is not going to be in The Blacklist Season 10

The bad news is that there won’t be any more Aram in The Blacklist Season 10. Amir Arison has decided to leave the series after nine seasons. This is a personal decision. The actor is going to be in Broadway this summer. You’ll be able to see him in The Kite Runner.

While Arison is leaving, the character of Aram hasn’t been permanently written out. This isn’t like the end of Liz Keen. Instead, Aram could return as a guest character sometime during the 10th season if the story and Arison’s schedule allow.

Aram had a huge storyline throughout the ninth season. It all came to a head in “The Bear Mask,” where we feared the worst for the character for a while. However, he made it through. At the end of the finale, Aram shares that he is going to take some time off. There’s even a joke about him potentially catching a Broadway show.

Who will join the Task Force now? That will be left to The Blacklist Season 10 premiere to tell us.

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The Blacklist ($) Season 10 will premiere sometime in 2023 on NBC.