Away starring Hilary Swank canceled by Netflix after one season

Away is joining the list of one-and-done shows on Netflix. The Hilary Swank-led series has been canceled after just one season.

There’s some sad news for those who enjoyed Away on Netflix. The series is canceled after just one season.

The news will come as a surprise to some. The Hollywood Reporter shares that the Hilary Swank-led series ($) was No. 1 on Netflix for several days after its release. It remained in the Top 10 for most of September after it’s release at the start of the month. It sounds like the review ratings would have been higher than the 2.7 billion minutes viewed according to Nielsen streaming rankings. Nielsen’s numbers are limited and only count U.S. viewers, but Netflix is an international company.

While it did receive mixed reviews, it’s one of those shows that had room to grow. Netflix always weighs the cost of development against the global audience, and not just those in the U.S.

So why is Away canceled?

If the series was doing to well on the streamer, why has it been canceled after six weeks of streaming? Why didn’t Netflix make a decision to renew it.

Despite the initial attention, it’s possible that the show didn’t keep it. This is a huge problem with binge-watching shows. It’s a problem I have with the Netflix model overall.

When a show drops on Netflix, you pretty much have a few days to binge-watch. If you don’t get to it within those days, Netflix doesn’t really care. And it’s hard to avoid the spoilers online (especially in my line of work). On top of that, there’s just so much content to get through. Do we all really have time to watch 10 hours of one show in one weekend when there are other shows being released elsewhere?

Away dropped at the same time as The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. Lovecraft Country premiered around the same time on HBO. And there was Raised By Wolves on HBO Max. There was never anything wrong with the weekly model (or doing something like HBO Max, which releases three episodes at once over the course of a few weeks in many cases).

This binge model is leading to a lot of good shows or shows with potential being canceled early on. It’s why I don’t tend to watch that many Netflix shows unless the promotion has been outstanding (or I know it’s a limited series/renewed for a second season already).

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What do you think of Away‘s cancellation? What questions did you have at the end of the first season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Away is available to stream on Netflix.