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Batwoman: Cast exits are not always about drama but about good work environments

Ruby Rose is leaving the role of Batwoman after one season. It’s not about drama but about the work environment. It’s time to stop jumping to conclusions.

Batwoman is getting a new lead. Ruby Rose is stepping down from the role, but don’t jump to conclusions. This isn’t about drama behind the scenes but about the work environment that Rose wasn’t ready for.

Rose is used to movies. They film for four or five months and that’s it. Then there’s usually a good break between projects. Or the project is something completely different that it requires a different mindset and certainly means a change of people to work with. TV show roles are completely different and extremely grueling.

The nature of TV show projects

Batwoman should have been a 22-episode show. In the end, the production was cut short due to the coronavirus, but even then at 19-20 episodes, it’s a lot of work. That’s especially the case for a show on The CW, which often sees a lot of press to make sure the show is highlighted. And we can’t forget the Arrowverse shows like their crossovers, so that means extra work.

Rose would have easily been working 16 hours days at all times of the day and night. That’s in the wet climate of Vancouver, by the way. You’ll hear Canada is cold and snowy, but Vancouver is often wet. It has a very similar climate to Britain, which is probably why a lot of British people head there when emigrating.

Anyway, this sort of climate with these long hours can make any dream job a nightmare. And according to TVLine, that’s exactly what happened. We all know what it’s like working with someone who no longer enjoys their job. They become grumpy and that negative mood affects everyone.

Sure, actors are paid a lot but there’s a reason for that. The work they do is tiresome and, in some cases, dangerous. Let’s not forget that Rose suffered a serious injury that meant surgery and almost being paralyzed. This may have been on the set of Batwoman, which would lead to some negative thoughts creeping in about the job.

Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III

The benefit of all on Batwoman

It’s not that Rose doesn’t have the work ethic, before you even think of jumping to that conclusion. A bad work environment can lead to some serious negative feelings. That bad environment doesn’t just have to be the people around but the enjoyment of the job. Rose would have been tired, fed up, and spiraling. So, leaving Batwoman is the best for her mental health.

This wasn’t purely her decision. Everyone on the set came to a mutual decision for the sake of everyone there. It isn’t just about one person at this point but hundreds of people.

Now the question is who will replace her as the leading lady. On top of that, will it remain Kate Kane or will the show opt for another woman who picked up the Batwoman title? It will be exciting to find out.

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Batwoman will return to The CW in January 2021.