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Who is behind the Gossip Girl account on the new series?

The new Gossip Girl is here, and the show wasted no time in telling us who is behind the all-new account. Who is it and why?

When it came to the original Gossip Girl series, we had to wait until the final episodes to find out who was really behind the account. It was Dan Humphreys all along, and we’re certainly still questioning Serena’s willingness to forgive him so quickly.

The new series is here and it’s following on from the original series. In this series, the original account shut down after Dan revealed himself and stopped stalking people and writing the gossip. The premiere episode kick started the site again, opting for a modern-day twist of it all being on Instagram instead of a blog.

This time, we got to find out immediately who was behind the site. Who is it and why are they behind it?

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It’s all about the teachers on Gossip Girl

Okay, so admittedly, the people behind the site are extremely questionable. The original series opted for another student to be behind the account, and apart from Dan getting forgiveness so quickly, him being behind it all made sense. Teenagers do stupid and mean things.

The new Gossip Girl puts adults behind the account. The teachers gang up together to make the decision about starting up the account.

Absolutely none of them have any objections to doing this. These adults decide to ruin teenagers’ lives to “teach them a lesson.” It’s petty and it’s on the pathetic side, but isn’t that what makes this series so great? It’s so bad that it’s good.

Knowing who is behind the account takes out that major mystery, a mystery that wasn’t that big in the very beginning of the original series but became it by the end. We just get to enjoy the drama unfold.

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Gossip Girl is streaming on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.