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Did Ben get back in the Quantum Leap Season 1 finale?

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All season, we’ve wondered whether Ben would return in the Quantum Leap Season 1 finale. Did he manage it, or is he stuck in time?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Quantum Leap Season 1 finale.

When Ben leapt through time in the Quantum Leap series premiere, everyone panicked. They all knew that the code wasn’t right. Sam Beckett had been stuck in time, and Ben’s team feared that the same thing would happen to Ben.

Then Ian learned that Ziggy’s code had been updated. It turned out that Ben had been working with Al’s daughter to fix the code to make sure Ben could get to a specific point in time and then get back. He would need to go on a series of leaps to manage that, though. That’s what we saw throughout the first season.

In the Quantum Leap finale, Ben got to the final destination. And he succeeded. Did that mean he would make it back to his own body?

Where is Ben in the Quantum Leap Season 1 finale?

This is something the show has left open. Yes, we have another cliffhanger. Ben has leaped somewhere, but nobody knows where just yet.

This isn’t another OG Quantum Leap* situation, though. The great news is the second season was confirmed back in December. On top of that, production has already started, with Episode 4 currently in the can and ready for post-production.

With the second season confirmed, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ben doesn’t get back. This allows for more leaps, with the team back home trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. This also gives everyone time to find out more about who Martinez was working for. After all, it’s clear that that storyline isn’t finished yet.

What caused the apocalypse in the future? How is Ben’s team responsible? We have a lot of questions to go into Season 2.

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