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What is Ben’s final leap going to be in Quantum Leap?

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During Quantum Leap Episode 3, Ian figured out what seems to be Ben’s leaping plan. What is that final leap in Quantum Leap?

Ian made a breakthrough when looking at the new code and what it revealed. There is one specific leap Ben wants to make. However, he needs to make leaps to get there. It’s not clear how many leaps he will have to make or where he has to go, but there is an end in sight. This end could bring Ben back to his own time instead of being lost in the leaps.

What could that final leap be? What would Ben have in mind? Will it actually help him get back to his own time?

What is that last leap in Quantum Leap?

There are two likely leaps Ben will want to make. The first is one that’s personal. It could be personal to him or personal to those who have helped him. Did someone die in someone’s past and he wants to change that? Did he make a mistake somewhere in his life and now he wants to change something?

The other choice is linked to the OG series. Is it possible that Ben wants to leap to Dr. Sam Beckett? Is it possible that he wants to stop Sam from leaping without the fix in the code? That would certainly be a major connection for fans of the original series. We’d finally get some answers of some sort.

Alternatively, Ben may have figured out a point in time Sam jumped to. Is it possible that Ben will head there to try to get Sam back home? Jumping to stop Sam from jumping in the first place would make more sense, but then that could mess up Ben’s jumps. Jumping to a point in time Sam already is could get the message back to everyone else to fix the code while Sam is leaping to get Sam back home.

There is hope that we’ll be able to see Sam return home in Quantum Leap, even if Scott Bakula isn’t returning to the series. There are ways around that problem.

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Where do you think Ben wants to leap to in the end? What do you think of the reboot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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