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What will Bernard do to keep the silo calm in Silo Season 2?

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Bernard has his work cut out for him in Silo Season 2. He’ll need to keep the people calm now they’ve seen Juliette survive.

For as long as the people have been underground, those who went out to clean have died. We saw two go out and suffer the same fate. There was the fear that the same thing would happen to Juliette. That’s exactly what Bernard thought would happen.

However, when Juliette stumbled it wasn’t because she was struggling with the toxicity of the air. Instead, it was because she tripped over Holston’s body. Bernard could tell that Juliette was going to survive somehow. He didn’t know how, but he knew that she would figure out the truth.

Now the people have seen it happen. They’ve watched Juliette get further than anyone else, and we’ve seen what is on the other side of the hill. There are more silos out there, and Bernard has his work cut out for him inside.

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Bernard will need to keep the people calm. There will be some who see Juliette go out and believe that the air is becoming safer to breathe. They won’t realize that Juliette had better tape. Only those who worked in Mechanical and knew Walker will know the truth.

There’s a risk that a lot of people will want to head outside after this. Bernard can’t have that. There’s a huge risk of an uprising, and he knows what that means.

If there’s an uprising in the silo, everyone could die. Bernard knows that the world is still toxic. He knows that opening the doors and letting the air in will lead to everyone in the silo dying.

We now also know that there are multiple other silos. There is a chance that there are just as many people in all those other underground bunkers, so taking out one of them isn’t going to destroy the whole of the human race. Bernard won’t want to see his place completely destroyed to prevent an uprising that could destroy the entire system that the Founders built to preserve humanity.

Bernard will need people on his side to help keep the peace. Sims has got Billings under his thumb due to the knowledge of The Syndrome, but Sims doesn’t know the full truth about the visor and the outside world. Bernard told him to cover his eyes when the green landscape was shown to everyone. Now that Juliette has survive and Bernard rushed off, Sims will know that there is something going on and he’ll want some answers. We could see him question his loyalty to Bernard, causing even more problems in the space below ground. Bernard will need to give him some answers to keep Sims on side.

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