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Did Bernard turn off Juliette’s visor in the Silo Season 1 finale?

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At the end of Silo Season 1, we saw Bernard rushing toward a room to use his ’18’ key. Was that to turn off Juliette’s visor?

There are a lot of questions about the things that happened at the end of Silo Season 1. It’s clear that Bernard knows the full truth. He knows that the lush green landscape is just a simulation on the visor helmets, and he knows that the tape isn’t enough to keep the toxins out.

That’s why he was so surprised when he realized that Juliette didn’t trip because she was running out of air when she got to the tree. She tripped over Holston’s body, and Bernard could see that she was working it out that the green landscape wasn’t real.

Bernard raced out of the viewing room to a different room in the silo. He used his flashing ‘18’ key to get in to the room, suggesting that only he has access there. The question for many is what he was doing.

Bernard likely didn’t turn off Juliette’s visor in Silo

It’s unlikely that Bernard went in there to turn off the simulation. The simulation in the visor is only designed to last for as long as people are able to survive outside in the toxic landscape. We saw the simulation flicker in Juliette’s visor, which would suggest that the simulation simply timed out.

There’s also a chance that she got too far away from the silo for the simulation to continue. This is likely controlled by something like Bluetooth, or whatever the technology would be so far into the future. There is sure to be a range.

One thing that we got to see was that there are more silos in the world. It’s likely that Bernard and co. are in No. 18. He was likely running to the room to alert the other Bernards in the other silos that Juliette knows the truth and she may come knocking on one of the doors.

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What do you think Bernard was doing as Juliette’s visor turned off the simulation? What do you think we’ll see in Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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