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What happened in the Big Alice cull on Snowpiercer?

The blockage on the track on Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 4 brought up the story of the Big Alice cull. What happened in Big Alice’s past?

When Big Alice joined together with Snowpiercer, we found out that there were more survivors than initially thought. However, Big Alice didn’t fare all that well. There had originally been 200 passengers, but that turned into 100 by the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale.

What happened? That was something for Alex to explain. She shared that Wilford had to cull half the train, but she didn’t go into any details. We just knew it was necessary for the survival of the others.

Big Alice cull explained on Snowpiercer

We finally got the full story. On the way to the Horn of Africa, Ben spotted a blockage on the track. That blockage looked like Big Alice cars, and Alex immediately knew what it would be. She wanted to deal with the blockage alone, but Ben couldn’t let her do that. It would be a two-person job.

And so the story of the cull came out. We’ve learned as viewers that the people of Big Alice didn’t turn to cannibalism as was initially suspected (mainly thanks to the Snowpiercer movie). Wilford disconnected four cars in the middle of the night.

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The people chosen to survive brought skills to Big Alice. It meant families were split up, and nobody really knew why. On the night of the cull, Wilford rushed in to get Alex. He wasn’t going to let her die, but he did leave others behind. At the time, Alex had no idea why she was being rushed out of the carriage. Her friend Shiloe had no idea what was to come. They were both only around 10 years old.

Wilford cut the cars in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping. It was the best way to deal with it to avoid a fight. Do it when nobody expected it. Looking around at the cars, people remained asleep. They had no idea what had happened.

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What did you think of the story of the cull? Did you expect it to involve cannibalism? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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