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Big Sky: Two characters not returning for Season 2

There’s one storyline from Big Sky Season 1 that is definitely over. Two characters definitely aren’t returning for the second season.

While Big Sky started out with one case, it had to move onto another. It was the best way to keep the series interesting after it got an extra set of episodes. However, that second storyline has definitely come to an end.

According to TVLine, Britt Robertson and Michelle Forbes aren’t returning to the series. That means no more Kleinsasser family, as they were the only two left standing.

Their exits aren’t all that surprising. After all, the Kleinsasser men had all been killed either by each other or by the women. The family secrets all came out, and it was time for a new family member to run the show. Robertson’s Cheyenne made it clear that she was the one to do that. She deserved it after playing the long game. And it looks like she’s not going to follow the family traditions of killing and environmental crimes.

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What to expect on Big Sky Season 2

If there isn’t going to be a Kleinsasser storyline ($), what can we expect? The story returns to Ronald, who may have ended up behind bars but probably won’t stay there for too long. And it’s not like the damage he’s done is completely over.

Cassie and Lindor found out about another woman. Now they need to figure out that woman’s story, which led up to her starving to death while being locked in a shed. Who exactly was she, and can the two get justice for her against Ronald?

We’ll also get to learn a little more about Jerrie. Her past is going to come back to haunt her, and not just in the form of Ronald. There’s another issue from the past that is about to raise a few ghosts. Will she rely on Jenny and Cassie to get to the bottom of the situation or try to go it alone?

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What do you hope to see on Big Sky Season 2? What did you think of the ending to the Kleinsasser story? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Big Sky Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c on ABC.