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Are Bill and Frank in The Last of Us game?

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The Last of Us Episode 3 introduced us to Bill and Frank. Are the two characters in the video game this series is based on?

Spoilers: There are spoilers from The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 3 in this post.

We met another couple of apocalypse survivors during The Last of Us Episode 3. Bill and Frank became part of the story to get Joel and Ellie across country. The big question for a lot of people who haven’t played the game is whether they’re in it.

Those who have played the game will know there have been a few changes. Here’s a look at everything that happened and whether it was part of the original story.

Bill and Frank in The Last of Us

For those who want to know if Bill and Frank are in the game, they are. The two characters do show up in the storytelling, but they are not main characters in the story. They are peripheral characters that just help Joel and Ellie on the next part of their mission.

This is something the series changed. We got to see more of a storyline for the two characters, including their romantic storyline.

It was important for the development of Joel and Ellie, in a way. It was because of them that our two main characters managed to remain alive and safe. Joel and Ellie gave Bill and Frank hope, and that led to the two of them helping our main characters.

Bill is the one we meet in the game, though. At least, alive. Frank hangs himself during the game, and Bill explains that he and Frank were partners. However, it’s clear from the suicide note that Bill and Frank’s relationship is complicated at best. Frank was trying to escape Bill.

We don’t get to know what happened to Bill after this. Maybe being alone, he was able to survive. The TV show changed that a lot, making Bill and Frank a little more likable and human.

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