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black-ish moving back to the fall 2020 schedule

When ABC announced the fall 2020 schedule, black-ish was notably missing. A day later, ABC has decided to backtrack and put the show back in the fall.

When the ABC fall 2020 schedule was announced, it was hard to miss black-ish Season 7 not being part of the lineup. That’s been rectified with a sudden backtrack.

According to TVLine, ABC realized the negativity of pushing black-ish to the midseason. The decision was likely one based on the viewing figures. After all, it was one of the lower-rated shows on the network in the 2019-2020 schedule. However, it is also one of the only shows on ABC that is perfect for the current social climate. It deserves a spot in the fall.

black-ish has routinely covered topics of racism and white fragility. It’s touched on systemic racism, as well as white privilege in work, college, and more. The show has a chance to continue these discussions, bringing more to light than ever before.

And that’s as a comedy. The show manages to touch on serious subjects and often still bring the laughter. The only time I remember very little in the way of comedy on the show was with the four-episode arc at the end of Season 5 when it looked like our favorite couple was breaking up.

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Call Your Mother getting pushed to the midseason

So, what’s moving to allow black-ish Season 7 a place in the ABC fall 2020 schedule? The freshman comedy Call Your Mother, which got a straight-to-season pickup, is the one that’s on the move. It means black-ish will run after The Conners, wrapping up the sole night of comedy on the network in the schedule.

The spin-off mixed-ish remains as part of the midseason lineup. This, like the original idea, likely remains more about the ratings than anything else.

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What do you think about moving black-ish back to the fall? What are you excited to see in the fall 2020 schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

black-ish Season 7 will air Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC in the fall.