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What happened to Black Noir in The Boys Season 3 finale?

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Soldier Boy wanted his revenge against Black Noir. Did he get it in The Boys Season 3 finale? What happened to Black Noir?

Knowing Black Noir was involved in him being taken by Russians, Soldier Boy wanted revenge. However, Black Noir went off the grid. Literally. He took out his tracker and disappeared.

We found out that Black Noir headed back to a place from his past. This led to us seeing inside his mind, which involved a look at what happened to him in 1984. Soldier Boy was the one to give him the brain injury he received. It’s not surprising that Black Noir is scared, but he eventually went back to Vought Tower to face his former leader.

That’s where he came across Homelander, who has found out that Soldier Boy was his father. Would Homelander offer Black Noir protection?

Black Noir dies in The Boys Season 3 finale

Homelander wasn’t too happy to find out that Black Noir knew the truth about Soldier Boy. All he’s ever wanted is a family, and he expected Black Noir to tell Homelander all about Soldier Boy. Even though everyone believed Soldier Boy was dead, just knowing who his father was would have been something for Homelander.

Well, the lack of honesty (yes, omissions are lies) was too much for Homelander. He sliced Black Noir’s stomach open, leaving Black Noir with guts falling out. It was rather graphic, but at first, there was some hope that the Supe could somehow be saved. That didn’t happen, though.

We went back to the cartoon characters we saw inside Black Noir’s head. The characters said their goodbyes. It looks like this time Black Noir is really dead.

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