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Amazon has already renewed Bosch for a seventh and final season

You’ve binge-watched the entire sixth season of Bosch and you want more. There’s good and bad news. Bosch Season 7 is confirmed but it will be the last.

There are high chances that you’ve binge-watched the sixth season of Bosch already. This would have been one of those shows you had the entire weekend dedicated for. Now you want more. Well, there’s good and bad news about Bosch Season 7.

Ahead of the Season 6 release, Amazon confirmed that Bosch Season 7 would happen. It followed the renewals for the TV crime drama in previous years, and makes the show Amazon’s longest-running original series. However, the news of the renewal came with some bad news.

Seventh and final season

When Amazon confirmed the renewal, it came with news that it would be the final season. In a way, this isn’t all that surprising to hear. Most Amazon shows, like Netflix shows, end after three or four seasons. Some have ended after just two seasons. The way TV shows on streaming services are paid for is different to network TV, and the costs increase exponentially after the third season. The ratings have to be great if streamers are going to renew after this point.

At the same time, there is a belief that things should come to an end when they’re at a high point. The last thing we want is for our favorite TV shows to be dragged through poor writing. Now with the team behind Bosch, this was unlikely to happen. But it’s still good to know that we’re getting one final, excellent season.

When will Bosch Season 7 premiere?

What we don’t know yet is when the seventh and final season will air. The show has stuck to a relatively good timetable of being ready 12-13 months after previous seasons. The first season aired in February 2015, with the second dropping in March 2016. After that, each season has dropped in April. Under normal circumstances, we could expect the seventh season to drop in April 2021; May at the latest.

These aren’t normal circumstances. TV productions can’t film right now due to the novel coronavirus. It’s not clear when the shows will start filming again. While the writing can happen, other pre-production work is on hold and that puts filming further on hold. So, I doubt it’s going to be April 2021 when the show drops its final season. We’ll let you know when Bosch Season 7 can start filming, which will give us an idea as to when the episodes will be available.

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What did you think of the sixth season? What do you hope to see in the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bosch Seasons 1 to 6 are available on Amazon Prime Video right now. Stay tuned for the latest news on Bosch Season 7.