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Britannia gets new U.S. home with EPIX

There’s some excellent news for Britannia fans. EPIX has saved the show for U.S. viewers, with Season 3 now officially confirmed.

There was some bad news for Britannia fans toward the end of last year. Amazon had announced that it wouldn’t bring the second season of the historical drama. Despite British network Sky confirming the third season, there wasn’t set to be a U.S. home. That’s now changed with EPIX stepping in to save the day.

EPIX will be a co-producer for Britannia Season 3, according to Deadline. On top of that, the network will bring both Seasons 1 and 2 throughout the summer and fall. There’s a chance for viewers to catch up on the David Morrissey historical drama before the third season premieres.

The new Britannia schedule for the U.S.

You’ll be able to watch (or rewatch) the first season of the show from August 2. EPIX will then run straight into Britannia Season 2 from Oct. 4. There isn’t a date for the third season yet as it still needs to film. Of course, filming in the UK isn’t happening just yet.

There had been disappointing news when UK viewers got the second season in November 2019. Amazon announced that it wouldn’t air the second season after stepping down as a production partner. The show wasn’t profitable for the streaming service.

The first season follows the Roman invasion, following Morrissey’s General Aulus. All he wants is to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia. However, the warrior women and Druids who run the mysterious land are unwilling to concede. During the second season, we pick up two years after the invasion, with willing Celt tribes joining the Romans. He and Celtic Queen Amena work together to crush all those who resist.

Britannia – Season 1 [DVD] [2018]
Young Druid trainee, Cait, is the only hope for the Druids and Celts who refuse to become part of the Roman tribes. She fights to fulfill the prophecy that says she will save Britannia from the Romans.

The third season is set to follow Cait’s journey as she deals with consequences of decisions. Meanwhile, Aulus comes under pressure from a dark force, while Amena is stuck in a difficult love triangle between Aulus and his wife.

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What do you think of Britannia? Will you get EPIX to watch the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Britannia will premiere on EPIX on Aug. 2, 2020.