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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 scripts scrapped: Writers start from scratch

The writers have thrown out all Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 scripts already written. The show is starting from scratch in light of recent protests.

It’s not an easy time for cop dramas or comedies. Many have been guilty of overlooking police brutality and systemic racism, but that’s never been the case for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Yet, despite this, Dan Goor has decided to scrap all the scripts written for the season so far and start again.

TVLine reports that Terry Crews shared the news about the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 scripts being scrapped. He doesn’t know the direction in which the show will go just yet. Nor does he know when he will be back at work. Writing is taking place virtually right now, which led to four scripts being written but none of them will be used.

The decision has been made in light of the current protests and news revealed about systemic racism and brutality. Not that this is new, but most TV shows choose to shy away from this.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has touched on systemic racism in the past

While this is a cop comedy, the show has touched on various topics involving race and sexuality. We’ve always been reminded of Captain Holt’s difficulties rising up the chain of command due to being a gay, Black cop. However, there have been other storylines over the years.

One that stands out the most for me was Terry Crews’s character out one night in his neighborhood looking for his daughter’s stuffed toy. A white cop pulled him over to question why he was in the area, giving him the third degree because it didn’t look like he belonged there. Why? Because he is Black in a mostly white neighborhood. It’s something that Crews asked to be included because of his own experience with systemic racism. And it does happen to cops out of uniform.

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The show even went a step further to show why some cops don’t speak out. Terry wanted to put a complaint in about the cop that gave him the third degree, but Captain Holt wanted to stop him. Putting in a complaint like this would derail Terry’s career, and that wasn’t something Holt wanted. In the end, Holt realized that he was part of the problem so stepped aside.

Like any show focused on cops, there is always more Brooklyn Nine-Nine can do to show the truth of cops and the racism Black people in America face. It looks like Goor is taking this seriously and looking at the scripts that need to happen to tell the right stories.

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What do you think about Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s stories of the past? What would you like to see in Season 8? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 will air on Thursdays on NBC in the fall.