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Burden of Truth series finale: Did Joanna lose her license to practice law?

After trying to prevent a mine from opening, Joanna found her license to practice law on the line in Burden of Truth Season 4. Did she end up losing her license?

During Episode 7, she considered not fighting the process at all. In fact, she chose to relinquish her license. This was just as Billy got a major unions contract, and a lot of extra work.

After a talk with Billy, she decided to fight to keep her license in the end, but would it be enough? Did she have enough to prove that she didn’t do something that would get her dis-barred?


How the Burden of Truth series finale ended

In the end, Joanna did lose her license, but only for a year. It was suspended, so she isn’t allowed to practice for 12 months, but that’s not completely losing her career. Yes, it’s just a job, but she and Billy are business partners as well as partners in life, so they need to decide these big things together. It’s why Joanna ended up fighting back.

We caught up with them during the year off. The two end up engaged without a romantic proposal, and Joanna figures out what to do with a year off work. Meanwhile, Luna opted to take the corporate job offer as well as agreeing to make time for her girlfriend.

Looking at the story, this is a good way to end things. To be honest, the Burden of Truth Season 3 finale could also have acted as this good place to end, but it was great to see Joanna become a better lawyer. We got the chance to see her save Millwood from bankruptcy and a scam, even if everyone there would hate her for it.

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