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What type of ‘callings’ is Zeke now having on Manifest Season 3?

Since beating his Death Date, Zeke has a new life without callings. Well, that’s what it seems. What’s going on in Manifest Season 3?

During the Manifest Season 3 premiere, Zeke commented about not having callings since beating his Death Date in the Season 2 finale. He managed to follow the callings all the way to the end and sacrificed his own life to save another. His reward is life, but is it getting rid of the callings completely?

It’s unlikely the universe is finished with Zeke entirely. While he’s not getting the visions that Michaela, Ben, Cal, and the others get, that doesn’t mean he won’t get anything at all. And we have to consider the fact that not everyone gets the exact same callings. Michaela had mentioned not getting callings for a while and then got that intense one while on her honeymoon.

I do have to admit that the intense callings are possibly over for Zeke, but he still has something. It all comes from the way he reacted when Michaela needed help.

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Something told him Michaela needed him on the Manifest Season 3 premiere

When Michaela and Zeke returned to Angelina’s parents, Michaela started to feel woozy. She kept getting intense callings, knowing that she was close to the young girl she needed to help.

However, time was running out. The parents were onto Michaela, and Zeke realized that he had to do something. He needed to bide Michaela more time, and so he pretended that he was feeling woozy, that he was one of those with callings.

It could have just been the compassionate side of him. Maybe he did just pay attention to the parents and realized that Michaela was potentially in trouble. However, I’m on the side of something a little more “calling-like” happening on the Manifest Season 3 premiere.

Is it possible that Zeke does still have some sort of purpose. The callings aren’t necessarily going to be the same, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. He just has to learn to listen in a new way.

And maybe some of that is going to link him to Saanvi. She’s managed to remove her callings, but is it possible that there’s still hope for her if she follows Zeke’s example?

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