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NBC shows cancelled in May 2022

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NBC is usually the bad guy when it comes to cancellations. Was that the case with the cancelled NBC shows in 2022?

In previous seasons, we’ve seen some shocking decisions made by NBC. We just have to look at cancelling Manifest, when it was still a strong show for the network. And let’s not forget that Good Girls was cancelled instead of offering it a final goodbye season.

In 2022, NBC wasn’t the baddest guy out of all the networks. That honor went to The CW. That didn’t mean NBC renewed everything on its network.

The one show we’re not including on the list is Ordinary Joe. This wasn’t cancelled in May but earlier in the year. It is a shame that the season finale became a series finale with all those questions left open.

Cancelled NBC shows in 2022

One of the least surprising cancellations was The Endgame. NBC has had trouble with new dramas in the midseason for a while, and The Endgame continued that streak. The series couldn’t find its audience, and NBC decided to pull the plug after just one season.

The other two cancellations were comedies. Kenan was the first, ending after two seasons. It was the fourth-lowest-rated comedy on the network, tied with another show that was cancelled. Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson couldn’t pull in the viewers with this one.

Ted Danson also struggled to pull in the audience with his comedy Mr. Mayor. The sophomore comedy was cancelled after being the other fourth-lowest-rated comedy on NBC.

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Which cancelled NBC shows in 2022 are you most disappointed about? What do you wish was given closure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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