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The CW cancelled shows in May 2022

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The CW is the most hated network in 2022 due to cancellations. Here are all the cancelled The CW shows in 2022.

We’re used to The CW offering us some great renewal news. This news usually happens around the beginning of the year, and anything that’s passed its first season is usually renewed. If the shows are ending, they’re given a final season order to make sure fans get to say goodbye.

That didn’t happen in 2022. While there were seven shows renewed, there were many we were left wondering about. It took until May for the network to start making some shocking decisions. Usually, FOX or NBC take the role of the most-hated network, but this time it was The CW.

Not sure what’s coming back and what isn’t in the 2022-2023 TV season? Here’s a look at the cancelled The CW shows in 2022.

Charmed and more cancelled The CW shows in 2022

The news started with two CWverse shows that we weren’t expecting to be cancelled. Well, one of those we definitely weren’t expecting. Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were both cancelled. Mark Pedowitz later shared that he didn’t want to do this but it was a production studio decision. It also turned out that that the studio decision came down to other cancellations.

The next cancellations to follow were the bulk of the content left on the network. Charmed and Dynasty were potentially two of the less surprising cancellations. If they hadn’t been cancelled, they would have likely been renewed for a final season each due to low ratings.

The biggest shocker was likely Legacies, which was cancelled after four seasons. This series ended The Vampire Diaries franchise after 13 years.

When it came to new shows, there were two that ended up cancelled. 4400 and Naomi are both one-season wonders, and it is a shame for both of them. While 4400 started strong, it failed to keep its audience. Meanwhile, Naomi was just getting started.

The CW also cancelled Roswell, New Mexico and In the Dark. Both of these shows are still to air new seasons, with both beginning in June. It is disappointing, but it’s clear that the production studios are behind this.

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Which cancelled The CW shows in 2022 are you disappointed about? Which would you have loved to get a final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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