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Will Carlos get divorced in time in 911 Lone Star Season 4?

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911 Lone Star Season 4 immediately threw a spanner in the works for the Tarlos wedding. Can Carlos get divorced in time?

We were ready for a great lead up to happiness for Tarlos. They’re supposed to be getting married. It was all supposed to be about wedding planning and them starting their lives together. The 911 Lone Star Season 4 premiere threw a complete spanner in the works.

It turns out Carlos has been keeping a huge secret from TK. Now he’s on a major time crunch to make their wedding possible.

Carlos is married in 911 Lone Star

It turns out that Carlos is currently married. To a woman.

If that wasn’t a big enough shock, who he married will be. He married Iris Blake, Michelle’s sister. The whole first season was focused on Michelle finding Iris, and we knew that Carlos had been close to the Blake sisters. He did want to know what happened to Iris, although he was sure Iris was dead.

Well, Iris turned up alive. Now there’s pressure on Carlos getting a divorce from Iris. He remained married to her for his health insurance. It meant Iris could get the cover she needed for her medication. That’s all changed now. She has a great job with great benefits, meaning she has her own insurance coverage.

Carlos and Iris can now get divorced. There’s still a small problem.

The Tarlos wedding was supposed to be a year away. Well, the venue has an opening and they can get married in eight weeks. Now Carlos needs to push a divorce within a month as he needs to be divorced for 30 days to be able to marry TK.

It could be possible as long as Iris is willing to sign the divorce papers. She wants to meet TK first. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, I’m sure Iris will see a reason not to sign the papers believing she’s protecting Carlos.

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