Will Carnival Row Season 3 happen at Prime Video?

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With the Season 2 finale available to stream, all eyes are on the future of the series. Will Carnival Row Season 3 happen?

While Carnival Row did a great job at wrapping up most storylines in the Season 2 finale, there were still some questions. How long will peace last? What will Philo do now? Will Vignette and Tourmaline get to live peacefully together?

We need a third season to answer these questions. Is that going to happen at Prime Video? Amazon had made a decision going into this season.

Carnival Row Season 3 is not happening at Prime Video

The bad news is that we won’t get a third season. When the premiere date for Season 2 was finally announced, it came with news that it would be the final season. This wasn’t all too surprising when you consider just how long it took to get the second season. There were also rumors that the sets had been pulled down, hinting that Season 2 would be the last.

This is an expensive show. While it is worthy of the expense with all the CGI, it goes against having more seasons to the story. It doesn’t help that it took so long to get this season, and there were some fears throughout filming that the project would be canned. The pandemic didn’t help matters at all.

The questions we do have aren’t all that necessary to answer. They just help the story continue in our heads. The overall fight has come to an end. New Dawn was taken down, especially with Leonora’s death. The Row is a peaceful and happy place again for now, and Dombey even stood up for the fae in the end. It’s one of those endings that makes it clear that nothing really ends.

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Carnival Row is available to stream in full on Prime Video*.