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Carnival Row series finale ending: Who lives and who dies?

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The Carnival Row series finale was always going to bring some big deaths. Who would make it through to the end?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Carnival Row Season 2 finale.

Up to the final two episodes of Carnival Row, we already lost some big players. Sophie was executed for treason and then Jonah was killed by the Sparas in Episode 6. Then Episode 8 brought us the deaths of Ezra and Berwick.

That took us into the finale with a lot of questions about the fates of the main characters. Would they all make it through to the end? Would they all get some happy ever afters?

Who died in the Carnival Row series finale?

There were a few deaths of minor characters that we only saw in passing. The humans raided The Row, mutilating a lot of the fae. There are still moments of that finale I can’t get out of my head and they make me angry as we all know someone who would do something like that to fae if they were real.

The first major death was Kane. At first, the Sparas wasn’t supposed to come to the Row. When it did, Vignette wanted to leave everyone else to fight to save Tourmaline. Kane didn’t want that to happen and begged her to stay. A fight between them started, and that’s when a human turned up to shoot at them.

Kane stood in the way of the bullet, taking it for Vignette. He died as the battle continued.

Then we got the end to the Sparas. It looked like Tourmaline would die at one point, but Vignette and Philo both came to save the day. Philo killed the Sparas just as it looked like he would sacrifice himself for the good of everyone else.

With the Sparas gone, Darius could turn back into a human—he’d turned into his wolf form to fight the Sparas. Darius had been gravely injured and died of his wounds with Tourmaline and Philo with him.

Agreus managed to get free from his bonds and chased down Leonora. She and one of the Ravens was trying to get out of the Row at the time. When Agreus showed up, the Pix went to attack but Agreus shot and killed her. He wouldn’t kill Leonora, though, deciding that she should be arrested instead.

Leonora didn’t want that and took her own life. She made it clear that the seeds of revolution had now been sown.

Did Philo die in the series finale?

When Philo took the body of the Sparas out to the main part of the Row to end the fight, he was shot in the back. Dombey then showed up to shoot the coward who shot Philo. It looked like Philo was dead.

We got a time jump to see Philo had survived being shot.

All other major players survived. It looks like life on The Row is good, but how long will that really last?

Vignette and Philo didn’t end up together. Vignette realized that Tourmaline was her true love, and the two of them ended up together. Imogen and Agreus did stay together to the end.

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