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Is Casey really leaving Chicago Fire?

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Casey wants to foster Ben and Griffin, but it looks like it won’t happen in Chicago. Will Jesse Spencer leave Chicago Fire in the 200th episode?

We know that milestone episodes mean major moments. They can often connect to big character exits. Look at how Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s 100th episode included Buffy’s death and the 100th episode of Charmed was about Cole’s death. So, we’re looking at something big happening in Chicago Fire‘s 200th episode.

It looks like it’s all about Casey leaving Firehouse 51. Is it possible that Jesse Spencer is leaving the series after 10 seasons?

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Will Jesse Spencer leave Chicago Fire?

We haven’t heard anything about Spencer’s exit from the series just yet. That doesn’t mean he isn’t leaving, but it means nothing is confirmed just yet. There’s still a chance that we’ll see Casey decide not to be a guardian to Griffin and Ben.

However, I get the feeling that this is going to be Casey’s big exit. I don’t think the show would have such a major storyline at the 200th episode without following through with it. It all connects back to the first-ever episode, a major moment for Casey’s character. While he could have decided to choose Gabby, opting to take on the guardianship of his best friend’s sons is just so beautifully bittersweet and so like Casey after everything he has been through with these boys.

We’ll have to hold judgment, though. Of course, Chicago Fire could just flirt with the idea of Casey leaving. The show has spent so long getting Brett and Casey together that it seems anticlimactic for them to bring Casey out of the series. But if Spencer wants to leave, it’s not like the show is going to have that much of a say as long as he’s out of his contract.

Casey leaving will open a space on the truck for a lieutenant. This could be a chance for Stella Kidd to become a lieutenant in her own firehouse.

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Do you think Casey is leaving Chicago Fire? What do you think about the potential exit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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