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Did Cassie kill Alex on The Flight Attendant?

The Flight Attendant‘s first three episodes have already taken us on a wild ride. Is it possible that Cassie did kill Alex?

Caution: There are spoilers in this post from the first three episodes of The Flight Attendant on HBO Max/Crave.

The Flight Attendant has wasted no time in twisting the story and taking us on a wild ride. We certainly have plenty of questions, but there’s one big one that we have to ask outright.

Is it possible that Cassie killed Alex?

The story wants us to think that someone else did it. Annie has mentioned money laundering and mob bosses, while there’s clearly something going on with Miranda Croft. But could they all be red herrings? Could everything even be all in Cassie’s head?

Cassie doesn’t remember what she did. She remembers briefly leaving the room, but that’s it. What actually happened in that room?

Could it have all been an accident?

It’s certainly possible that Alex was killed accidentally. After all, he was in the bed. He hadn’t moved from there, but had had his throat slit. That’s not all that easy to do unless he trusted whoever was in the room. If it was someone trying to kill him, he’d have likely got up from the bed when whoever it was came into the hotel room.

The broken glass was by his side of the bed. It was likely the murder weapon.

Someone who did this as a hit would have cleared everything up.

So, is it possible that Cassie accidentally smashed the bottle and then accidentally slashed his throat? It does seem a little far-fetched, but so does the idea of a mob boss hit in Bangkok. The fact her best friend is a lawyer for mob bosses seems far-fetched, so why go with the idea of Cassie accidentally killing Alex?

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Could she be a sleeper agent without realizing it on The Flight Attendant?

Want another far-fetched idea? Let’s work with the possibility that Cassie is a sleeper agent, but she doesn’t realize it.

Is it possible that she was given the order to kill and carried it out?

Obviously, if that was the case, she’d have likely cleaned up the crime scene before the next morning. That is unless whoever trained her wanted her to be caught in the act.

It just seems a little too crazy of an idea.

If not a sleeper agent, how about dual personality? Does another personality come out when she’s drunk? Has she just never had a reason to find out before?

It most likely is someone else, but things do fit the idea of Cassie doing it by mistake. The fact that he didn’t get out of the bed tells me a lot.

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The Flight Attendant airs another bunch of episodes on Thursday, Dec. 3 on HBO Max/Crave.