black-ish moving back to the fall 2020 schedule

When ABC announced the fall 2020 schedule, black-ish was notably missing. A day later, ABC has decided to backtrack and put the show back in the fall. When the ABC fall 2020 schedule was announced, it was hard to miss black-ish Season 7 not being part of the lineup. That’s been Continue Reading

ABC fall 2020 schedule: Moves to one comedy night a week

After all four other networks revealed their schedules, we now get to see the plans for ABC. Here’s a look at the ABC fall 2020 schedule. It was only a matter of time before ABC would finally unveil its plans for the fall. It’s the last network to reveal the Continue Reading

The Baker and the Beauty officially canceled after one season

It’s one and done for The Baker and the Beauty. ABC has opted not to renew the freshman drama after one season, but why? There’s some bad news. The Baker and the Beauty has been canceled by ABC. It’s one and done for the romantic dramedy. The series was one of Continue Reading

Station 19: Is Maya in denial because it means admitting she’s abusive?

Maya Bishop is in denial about her father’s abuse on Station 19 because he never hit her. Is this because then she’d have to admit she’s abusive too? While there are certainly many reasons to dislike part of Maya’s storyline on Station 19, there is another part that is extremely interesting. Continue Reading

Station 19 fans understandably angry at Maya’s storyline

Station 19 has done the one thing that everyone seems to do. We’ve had the bisexual character cheating on her girlfriend. Is it surprising fans are angry? TV show writers don’t seem to learn, do they? While I appreciate storylines that involve complicated relationships and people, there are certain storylines Continue Reading